Paint Work

Abrasions and chips in the paint of your car can be annoying, especially when you invest in your car and its care. At Custom Car Stereo, we treat your car like our own—with our impeccable service and most experienced technicians. We will even match your paint with our computer system, to ensure your car looks as good as new, before it was ever scratched, chipped, or involved in an accident. 

Paint Matching

At Custom Car Stereo, we understand the pride you take in your vehicle. Paint chips or scratches can negatively affect both the value and aesthetic appearance of your car, all because of something like a fender bender or rock damage. We want you to be completely satisfied with your vehicle, whether you use it every day or just on special occasions. That is why we offer extensive paint work services to get your car looking as good as new. 

Using a computerized paint matching system, our experienced installers can repair any missing paint spots and ensure that nobody could spot the difference. We also handle bigger paint work jobs. Our facilities are designed to get the perfect shine and finish to your car following the paint. This restorative technique ensures your car will look as good as new when leaving our care. 

Our paint work services include any imperfections in the paint of your vehicle, including scratches, chips, and complete paint jobs to restore your car to what it looked like before an accident. 

If your car has any paint problems, you can trust the experts at Custom Car Stereo to get the job done right, so your vehicle looks as good as new following service. 

Why Choose Custom Car Stereo?

 At Custom Car Stereo, we’ve been in the business since 1976. With over 40 years of experience, you can trust our expertise and quality of service. For more information about our vehicle wrapping services, contact us at (713) 981-8455 or visit us here.